All Wheel Drive KTM 950 ADV “S” By Craig Johnson May 09, 2013 00:00

I think one of the coolest bikes we have come across here at Rox is the 2006 AWD KTM 950 ADV “S” built by Craig Johnson owner of CJ Designs. We shot over a request to Craig for some details on how his Rox Risers have been performing. He sent us these pictures along with his thoughts. You learn more about CJ Designs at and you can purchase a set of Rox Risers for your Adventure Bike by clicking here.

These are installed on my 2006 AWD KTM 950 ADV “S”. These were the first set of Rox risers I ever purchased and installed and after many miles of trail/road and even a few races they are still holding up great. And yes, they have been crashed tested. Passed, no problem. I’m not sure when I got them, but I think it was some time in 2006 after I got my NEW KTM 950 ADV “S”. They are the older 4 bolt design. I custom anodized them BLUE to go with my bike colors/setup at the time. I think I have about 125,000 miles on them at this time. They have been as far west as Kodiak Island, AK. North to the Arctic Ocean, South to Mexico City, Mexico. As far East as Labrador City, Labrador Canada and St Johns, New Foundland. Up Pikes Peak to 14,000+ feet and down to the Oceans on both North American coasts. They have lived a good life. They are a great product and even though my bike has gone through many changes, these have never left the bike. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Craig