Now Carrying Giant Loop Snowmobile Luggage

Rox is pleased to announce we will be carrying the just released line of Giant Loop Snow Luggage. Rox is one of the first to carry this completely new line of Made in the USA luggage and adventure gear and we’re extremely excited to be able to offer our customers the toughest, most reliable Snowmobile luggage on the market.


The toughest, most reliable Snowmobile luggage on the market…

The new Giant Loop Snow line is targeted at the hardcore mountain sledder, demanding touring snowmobile rider and the growing crossover market of on- and off-piste snow travelers. Giant Loop Snow is launching with extremely functional tunnel bags and gear pockets that deliver the same rugged, stable, technical aspects of the company’s adventure motorcycle gear. “We’ve been working in collaboration with Canadian extreme cross-country snowmobile racer Kirk Hastings and the owners of Motonation Canada to develop a tightly focused snow-specific product offering for serious sledders”, says Harold Olaf Cecil, Giant Loop’s owner. Rox will preview the Giant Loop Snow Line at this year’s Sno-Barons Haydays Grass Drags, September 6-7 in North Branch, Minnesota. This event officially starts the snowmobile season each year, with many of the manufacturers introducing their new models at Haydays. Last March, Hastings’s Snowxcapes Team 7 finished third, capturing $20,000 in prize money, at the world’s longest snowmobile endurance race, Cain’s Quest in Labrador, Canada, using virtually unmodified gear from the Giant Loop motorcycle product line, including the Great Basin SaddlebagBushwackers Hand GuardsPossibles Pouch and Pronghorn Straps.

“With minus 52-degree C temperatures, polar bears, constant ice build up that required stopping to chop it off the sleds with axes — the most extreme conditions imaginable — Giant Loop gear performed flawlessly”, says Hastings. I have rolled my race sled twice — once down a bare gravel road — and the Giant Loop gear’s tough construction has barely shown a scuff. I have driven through a forest burn-over intoxicated with sleep deprivation and brushed up against seasoned sharp branches with no penetration. “There simply is no other luggage system out there utilizing such high quality materials and construction that would keep me moving forward under such user abuse”, says Hastings. “Preparing for the race, we did extensive research into the most rugged and stable bags available to carry our 90 pound of extra fuel and mandatory supplies, and Giant Loop came up repeatedly as the best designed, most functional and durable bags in powersports. Next year, we are poised to win Cain’s Quest with the help of the Giant Loop Snow line”. Giant Loop Snow products will be distributed by Motonation Canada and available from a network of premium powersports dealers throughout the USA. Giant Loop designs and tests products in Bend, Oregon. For all the details, go to Giant Loop® and the GL® logo are registered trademarks of Giant Loop LLC.

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