CURV Replacement Snow-Flap
CURV Replacement Snow-Flap
CURV Replacement Snow-Flap
CURV Replacement Snow-Flap

CURV Replacement Snow-Flap

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The Rox Speed FX Snow-Flaps are exclusively designed with Propex™ Curv® material.

Propex™ Curv® is a material made from Polypropylene that combines the versatility of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fiber reinforced composite. High stiffness, high tensile strength and outstanding impact resistance at a low density, are the remarkable properties of this material. It offers excellent abrasion resistance and strength for rugged usage.

Weight saving: Over 50% of weight is saved when comparing Curv to traditional snow flap materials. Because, to get the same strength and durability you need 3 times the thickness of traditional snow flap materials.

Environmental friendly: being 100% propylene, Curv is easily recyclable, both as factory waste and as consumer parts.

Kit Includes

  • Propex™ Curv® Snow Flap with 5 pre-cut mounting holes 
  • 5 Aluminum Rivets for Installation 

This snow flap can be used to update your current flap or a replacement flap for our Removable Snow Flap System

With your modifications this high performance material can also be put on any vehicle or product that needs an extremely strong equipment. Such as truck mud flap, Side by Side flaps, under body protection, the options are endless. 

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