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Rox Laser Etched Keychain

$ 3.95

We currently have 13 in stock.
  • This is everything you could want in a keychain: the metal loop part. CHECK. the dangly keychain part. CHECK. Holes for the metal loop part. CHECK. A nice jangly sound when shaken. BOOM DOUBLE CHECK. Seriously, our R&D team spent multiple minutes researching this idea and they say we’re poised to revolutionize the industry.
  • Keychains Magazine of the World* gave this keychain a rating of 5 pandas out of 4 possible pandas.
  • 1" tall and 3" wide (the best size)
  • And that’s not all! These bad boys are only $6.95 each with FREE USA SHIPPING. You read that right: $6.95 to turn your keychain game up to level 11. Get one.

*A magazine we just made up right now

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