on orders of $50 or more
see details…


Anti-Vibration Handlebar Risers: Reduce Hand Tingling, Absorb Shock, & Improve Your Comfort May 09, 2018 12:01

Are you dealing with hand tingling or numbness while out riding? Do you feel like too much of your body weight is on your wrists, hands, and shoulders? Does your neck get tight on longer trips?

The Rox Anti-Vibe Bar Risers are designed to solve all these issues and more.

Using the proven design of our patented Pivoting Risers, we’ve taken it to the next level by adding rubber isolated bushings that reduce bar vibration by as much as 80%.

Nothing is worse than having to cut a trip short because of discomfort. Pick up a set of our Anti-Vibe Bar Risers and improve your ride immediately.

We have a fitment chart that makes it easy to figure out which model fits your bike—we have one model for bikes with a 7/8" diameter factory handlebar and we have another model for bikes with an 1 1/8" factory handlebar. If you’re note sure about your stock bar size just give us a call at 218-326-1794. Our shop is open M-F, 8am-4:30pm CST.

Our Anti Vibe Bar Risers are made in the USA right here at our shop and they also come with our world class guarantee—if you are unhappy with them for any reason simply return them within 90 days, no questions asked. Simple.

ISOC Snocross / SnoX Style Handguards December 12, 2017 12:24

Announcing our ALL NEW larger coverage PRO TEC handguard kit! These Snocross Style, XL size handguards are the same model currently used by many of the top ISOC Race Teams. Made using the same materials as our line of Flec-Tec handguards, our Pro Tec guards offer significantly more coverage area, improved hand protection, a rigid but flexible backbone, and a larger pocket to keep hands dry and warm. These guards also provide a large surface for displaying sponsor graphics. Note: guards are only provided with Rox Speed FX graphic in the center, other graphics must be provided by customer. Can be used with or without the included foam extensions. Coverage area: 12.5" wide x 7.5" tall. Available now. Made in the USA. Lifetime Warranty. Call us at 218.326.1794 or go here for more info.

Handlebar Risers, Barbacks, & Bar Extensions 101 - What Do I Need to Know? August 03, 2017 11:03

We get calls daily from people who want to adjust their handlebar position but they don’t know where to start.

It’s really simple. To install risers on your motorcycle or atv you need to know 2 things:

  1. What is the diameter of your stock bar? Common sizes are 7/8" and 1 1/8" for dirt bikes, dual sport bikes, many street bikes, and atvs. For Harley/V-Twin bikes common sizes are 1" and 1 1/4". Standing to the side of the bike/atv, simply grab a ruler [or a caliper] hold it up above the bar (near the bar clamps) and check to see what the measurement is going across the bar from side-to-side. Note: Rox risers only work on machines with a 1-piece [eg. tube] handlebar and top/bottom style bar clamps—they do NOT work on bikes with clip-on style handlebars.
  2. How tall of a riser can your stock cables handle? 99% of motorcycles can install our 2" risers without replacing any cables, but many atvs can only install 1.25" risers before the cables will get too tight. Remember though, these are rough guidelines. Some bikes can install 3" risers with stock cables and some can only install 1 3/4" risers with stock cables—if you are unsure how high you can go you can take a look at our fitment charts, give us a call at 218-326-1794, or you can do a simple check on your own. Remove the bar from the stock bar clamps. Find something to use as a spacer [a scrap of 2x4 will work]. Place the spacer board underneath the handlebar. If your cables or wires seem overly tight you can remove any zip ties and/or cable retainers then run the test again. If cables still seem tight after removing any ties/clamps you can look at rerouting the cables to the outside and/or behind the fork tubes. For most bikes this takes about 10-15 minutes. Exact steps will vary, but the basic idea is put the bike on a center stand, remove the nut that holds the top of the fork tube to the top of the triple tree, drop the tube down and then move the cables to the outside of the tube. Once the cables are outside of the fork tube you can bring the tube back up and then tighten the nut at the top again. Repeat this process for the other side of the bike. Before going out riding it’s really important to ensure your cables are relaxed through the complete range of steering motion.

Do you have other questions? Give us a call at 218-326-1794 or shoot us an email. Thanks for reading. - The Rox Crew

Fender Lift Kit for Africa Twin (Honda CRF1000L) July 10, 2017 12:35

Part #10001

Part Link: Fender Riser Kit for the Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000L)

3 Minute Barback Handlebar Riser Install June 22, 2017 10:22

Follow along as we install our Universal 1 1/2" Barback Risers on a Honda Africa Twin. Part #B17R

Rox Risers on ADV Rider Radio! January 13, 2017 13:25

Chris Olin, the Owner/CEO of Rox, sat down recently for an interview with ADV Rider radio. Topics discussed include adding comfort to your ADV Bike, what sets Rox risers apart from everyone else, his ride through the mountains of Patagonia, and how improving ergonomics can actually add to the overall safety of your ride and give you the confidence you need to tackle the toughest terrain.

Listen in below—the portion on Rox starts at about the 23:30 mark. You can also catch up on past episodes by visiting 

Motorcycles: One Size Does NOT Fit All March 21, 2016 10:05

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to Motorcycles. At Rox, we believe your bike should fit you. Regardless of bike and rider, your level of comfort and control has a major impact on your ability to ride and your overall safety in general.

The fact is most bikes are designed around the “average guy” and sometimes that just doesn’t work if you are shorter/taller or have longer/shorter arms than this magical “average guy”. Full disclosure: At 5' 8" on a good day I’m speaking from personal experience here!

So you’ve decided you want to adjust your handlebar? Great! But there are literally thousands of different handlebars [some of which cost hundreds of dollars] and it’s extremely confusing to try and guess which one might be the best for you. That’s exactly why we designed our fully adjustable Pivoting Handlebar Risers. They add comfort quickly, securely, and at a very minimal cost. The main idea behind our pivoting risers is that they allow you to adjust the handlebar to where it feels best for you. Other companies offer fixed position bar risers, but what if their risers fixed position isn’t your ideal fixed position? You’re out of a bunch of money and still looking for a different solution. Our Pivoting Risers offer a full range of adjustment so that you aren’t stuck with a random position that may or may not be right for you. You can pivot the risers forward, back, or anywhere in between to find what feels best for you.

Customers call us every day with issues such as hand tingling/numbness, back pain, shoulder pain, neck ache, and wrist discomfort while riding. Most of this discomfort stems from having too much weight on your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. Transferring more of your body weight away from these areas and to your main torso can often make a dramatic difference. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you try our bar risers and aren’t completely satisfied just give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to work with you to find a solution. As always - thanks for reading and thanks for your business! We don’t take it for granted.

For personal help regarding which risers might be best for your specific build and machine please call us at 218-326-1794.

Thanks for reading!

- The Rox Crew

Rox Risers are Proudly Made in the USA 

ERGONOMICS: Making Your Bike Fit You… July 07, 2015 12:10

Here’s a link to a great article about Motorcycle Ergonomics written by the guys over at

Really good insight and some great suggestions for accessories to make your bike more comfortable.

Team UXC/Polaris Factory Racing dominates the Pro 4x4 and Overall Podium May 13, 2015 08:25

Team UXC/Polaris Factory Racing grabbed the top two honors in the Pro 4x4 and overall this past Saturday in Odessa, New York at Round 6 of the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series. Kevin Trantham #202 took the center of the podium with teammate Michael Swift #208 beside him in the number two spot.

“It was a great weekend for Polaris, Team UXC Racing and our sponsors. It feels great putting the Polaris Scrambler 850 EPS in the top two spots and continuing to show the off road world the amazing capabilities of this ATV,” stated Swift.

The Team UXC duo quickly moved to the front of the Pro 4x4 class after a mid pack start. Positions changed a few times throughout the race but the teammates made a pass on the class leader with a lap and a half to go. Once in the lead the #202 and #208 pushed each other to set a fast pace to maintain their 1-2 positions and cross the finish line with Trantham taking the win and Swift just behind him. The Polaris May 12, 2015 Scramblers crossed the finish line a full minute and 20 seconds before third place.

“Once again I had a really awesome race at the Tomahawk GNCC in New York. The Team UXC/Polaris Factory backed Scrambler was spot on for this new venue. Everything was working perfectly from the Maxxis tires to the Custom Axis suspension. The STM clutching was putting the power to the ground as I was able to pull off another overall win in the 4x4 Pro class. Thanks again to Team UXC and Factory Polaris Racing for all the help and support,” commented Trantham.

In the 40+ 4x4 line-up, Team UXC racer Don Higbee #640 came across the checkered with a strong 3rd place finish. Graham Widdicombe grabbed a 6th place finish in the 4x4 A-B class while Nic Synkers claimed a 5th place in the 4x4 C class.

Look for Team UXC at Round 7 in Masontown, West Virginia on May 23rd in the ATV and UTV series. Find more information about Team UXC at

Long Term Rider Review Of Rox Risers On A Ktm 250EXC Dirt Bike April 03, 2015 11:13

Here’s a great video review of our 2″ Pivoting Risers on a KTM 250EXC Dirt Bike. Click here to buy the exact risers shown in the video.

“There And Back Again” – Rox Featured Story In The Jan/Feb SnowTech Magazine! December 20, 2014 11:11

Be sure to check out the latest custom Rox build in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Snowtech Magazine!

It’s the story of a little Tiger hidden away in the middle of nowhere and a big cat that changed its stripes and you can find it on pages 48-53.We pair a brand new Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000 with a 1980 Arctic Cat El Tigre. And get this: We found the 1980 Cat with only 627 original miles on it! Follow along as we refurbish the old and completely trick out the new with a vintage twist. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about the builds at all. We’re always happy to hear feedback or questions about the different changes we made and why. As in all of our prior builds this one involved some great companies and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result.





Red Bull Snow Boundaries Snowmobile Race November 20, 2014 11:07

Make sure to clear your schedule for the RED BULL Snow Boundaries Race coming up on March 27-28 in Duluth Minnesota. With a combination of Snocross, Hill Climb, and Ice Racing this event is sure to be a crazy good time!

Oh, and did we mention $50,000 in prizes is up for grabs?

They are accepting racer registrations now and they have 5 different classes ranging from the Pro Class to the Ditch Banging Amateurs. Be sure to go here to check out all the info here and share this post with your friends to spread the word.

Matt Pfankuch Joins The Rox Speed FX Team October 20, 2014 11:04

Matt Pfankuch, a long time veteran of the Powersports Industry, has joined Rox Speed FX working in Sales and Leading New Product Development.

Rox Speed FX has experienced a surge in growth fueled by their extremely popular line of Pivoting Handlebar Risers for Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, and ATVs. Matt’s passion for powersports coupled with his extensive product design experience will allow Rox to significantly broaden their product line and expand into other markets. Matt brings with him 18 years of industry experience in past positions with Polaris (Roseau, MN) and PowerMadd (Wyoming, MN). “We’re extremely excited to welcome Matt to the team here at Rox and we’re already hard at work on future products. Matt is the perfect fit for us and he will allow us to continue our tradition of designing high-quality, American made products that improve the rider’s experience”, says Chris Olin (Owner of Rox). Pfankuch will be heading up the Product Development division of Rox for the Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, and UTV markets and will also be leveraging his nearly 2 decades of sales experience to increase Rox market-share worldwide. Matt adds, “I’m a big believer in new ideas, so I’m thrilled to see what kind of new products our team will develop. I enjoy looking at problems and coming up with solutions that aren’t just well made, but that are unique in the market and something that we, as riders, would want to use ourselves.” For more information go to or call 218.326.1794. Rox Speed FX, Inc is a business based near Grand Rapids, Minnesota and serves customers worldwide including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and China.

Hay Days 2014 Draws Record Crowd September 21, 2014 11:00

North Branch, Minn. (September 9, 2014) The annual snowmobile expo held just north of the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro broke all-time attendance records with an estimated crowed of over 65,000 over two days. Perfect weather and an upbeat attitude throughout the racing and recreation sides of the industry prevailed over the weekend. Each year Scheuring Speed Sports tries to elevate their presence at this historic event and this year was no exception as they hosted the Sled Rehab project in conjuction with their long-time title sponsor AMSOIL. Three lucky winners who were selected through an online application process brought their snowmobiles to our massive display area where team mechanics Elliot Burns and Levi Ensrud, along with representatives from the product sponsors Woody’s, C & A Pro Skis, Rox Speed FX, Straightline Performance and Action Graphics, outfitted the machines with their latest products. It is now full speed ahead preparing for the fast approaching race season as Scheuring Speed Sports anticipates the arrival of their new Ski-doo race sleds. With overnight temps forcast for the 30s this week, snow making at their Planet X practice facility might not be far behind. 

Amsoil Sled Rehab Video September 20, 2014 10:57

Here’s a great video of the AMSOIL Sled Rehab Contest put together by Scheuring Speed Sports. Rox contributed our Flex-Tec Handguards and our Height Adjustable Bar Risers to each of the sleds. Want to thank the guys at AMSOIL and Scheuring Speed Sports for putting this contest on. 3 lucky winners had their sleds tricked out to the max.

Now Carrying Giant Loop Snowmobile Luggage August 20, 2014 10:56

Rox is pleased to announce we will be carrying the just released line of Giant Loop Snow Luggage. Rox is one of the first to carry this completely new line of Made in the USA luggage and adventure gear and we’re extremely excited to be able to offer our customers the toughest, most reliable Snowmobile luggage on the market.


The toughest, most reliable Snowmobile luggage on the market…

The new Giant Loop Snow line is targeted at the hardcore mountain sledder, demanding touring snowmobile rider and the growing crossover market of on- and off-piste snow travelers. Giant Loop Snow is launching with extremely functional tunnel bags and gear pockets that deliver the same rugged, stable, technical aspects of the company’s adventure motorcycle gear. “We’ve been working in collaboration with Canadian extreme cross-country snowmobile racer Kirk Hastings and the owners of Motonation Canada to develop a tightly focused snow-specific product offering for serious sledders”, says Harold Olaf Cecil, Giant Loop’s owner. Rox will preview the Giant Loop Snow Line at this year’s Sno-Barons Haydays Grass Drags, September 6-7 in North Branch, Minnesota. This event officially starts the snowmobile season each year, with many of the manufacturers introducing their new models at Haydays. Last March, Hastings’s Snowxcapes Team 7 finished third, capturing $20,000 in prize money, at the world’s longest snowmobile endurance race, Cain’s Quest in Labrador, Canada, using virtually unmodified gear from the Giant Loop motorcycle product line, including the Great Basin SaddlebagBushwackers Hand GuardsPossibles Pouch and Pronghorn Straps.

“With minus 52-degree C temperatures, polar bears, constant ice build up that required stopping to chop it off the sleds with axes — the most extreme conditions imaginable — Giant Loop gear performed flawlessly”, says Hastings. I have rolled my race sled twice — once down a bare gravel road — and the Giant Loop gear’s tough construction has barely shown a scuff. I have driven through a forest burn-over intoxicated with sleep deprivation and brushed up against seasoned sharp branches with no penetration. “There simply is no other luggage system out there utilizing such high quality materials and construction that would keep me moving forward under such user abuse”, says Hastings. “Preparing for the race, we did extensive research into the most rugged and stable bags available to carry our 90 pound of extra fuel and mandatory supplies, and Giant Loop came up repeatedly as the best designed, most functional and durable bags in powersports. Next year, we are poised to win Cain’s Quest with the help of the Giant Loop Snow line”. Giant Loop Snow products will be distributed by Motonation Canada and available from a network of premium powersports dealers throughout the USA. Giant Loop designs and tests products in Bend, Oregon. For all the details, go to Giant Loop® and the GL® logo are registered trademarks of Giant Loop LLC.

Watch Rox® On Motorhead Garage TV! June 20, 2014 10:53

Check out Rox Speed FX® on Motorhead Garage TV that aired in early June, 2014. Our thanks to Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman for inviting us to be a part of the show and we couldn’t be happier with the result. In this episode Sam, Dave and Chris [the owner of Rox] demonstrate how Rox Bar Risers can add comfort and control to virtually any ATV, Motorcycle, or Snowmobile on the market today. Other highlights include mounting Rox MX Handguards and installing Rox new Utility ATV Foot Pegs.

Be sure to catch future episodes of Motorhead Garage TV to learn about the latest in aftermarket parts for your ride. Motorhead Garage TV currently airs on the Velocity channel every Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening [check your local listings].

More about Sam and Dave: Pioneers in automotive how-to TV, Dave Bowman and Sam Memmolo are reunited in the shop as they analyze, assemble, and then advise viewers of the latest products and techniques for repairing and improving a wide variety of rides. Sam and Dave are two of the most widely respected men in the business with previous shows including Two Guys Garage, How-To Mechanic TV, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Crank and Chrome.

Here is the full Episode:

Rox® On Motorhead Garage TV! May 20, 2014 10:51

All of us here at Rox are super excited to announce that Rox will be featured on Motorhead Garage TV airing on the Velocity Channel this June! Motorhead Garage TV is hosted by Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman. Sam and Dave are two of the most widely respected men in the business with previous shows including Two Guys Garage, How-To Mechanic TV, Shade Tree Mechanic, and Crank and Chrome.

Be sure to tune in as Sam, Dave, and Chris from Rox offer tips to improve your ride and customize some great looking machines. The air times are listed below. Set your DVRs NOW!

Dates / Times:
Tuesday, June 3rd @ 4pm CST (5pm EST, 3pm MDT, 2pm PDT)
Sunday, June 8th @ Noon CST (1pm EST, 11am MDT, 10am PDT)

Also be sure to like our Facebook page if you want to keep updated with the newest products, specials, and install videos. Tell your friends about Motorhead Garage and be sure to watch for us on June 3rd and 8th.

God Bless and Good Riding! - The Rox Team

Rox Winter In Review 2013-2014 April 01, 2014 10:46

All of us at Rox Speed FX® were hoping for another great winter for the 2013-2014 season, and that it was! We’ve had plenty of snow and a long riding season. In fact, it’s no April Fool’s joke that it’s snowing like crazy right now! We have lots of snow, so snowmobiling isn’t over yet! Even though winter hasn’t quite ended, we thought we would send out a “Winter Review” from our perspective.

We hardly had time to get ready for winter to start since last summer came and went so fast. Before we knew it September was here and we found ourselves at Hay Days, where winter officially starts as they say. Hay Days always cues the racers to start calling us to get their snocross sleds ready for the year. Our next stop was the Duluth ISOC Amsoil National SnoCross held at Spirit Mountain. It was the first time we set up a booth there, and what a blast we had! We will be back next season for sure. It was such a great time meeting racers from all over the world, and of course watching all the great races!

It was only a week or so after the Duluth race that we picked up our first measurable snow fall. We were excited with the anticipation of another great year of riding. A week after our first snowfall, another storm came through. It was the beginning of December and we were getting the sleds out and riding! It was fantastic to be out before Christmas on the trails. Although we didn’t have much of a base yet, the temps were cool enough to make the groomed trails very nice. Almost every weekend we were out riding and playing in the backcountry. The temps did hamper a couple days of riding; but with all the great gear we have, we were able to ride in most temps.

Mid January brought the Popular Pink Ribbon Riders 8th annual ride held at Sugar Lake Lodge in Cohasset, MN. The crew from Rox is always there to lend a hand and help out. We did have a bit of a sled mishap at the start of the ride, but thankfully the great guys at Thomas SnoSports helped us out and lent us a sled so we could continue on!! The ride was about as good as it gets! Temps in the high teens low 20’s and trails as flat as a table top. We all went to the Greenway Snowmobile Club clubhouse for lunch and headed back to Sugar Lake Lodge for the dinner and banquet. This year Chris, the owner of Rox Speed FX™ made a deal with all the folks that attended. He said, if we pass hats around and raise $1000, Rox would match it! All the awesome folks there raised that $1000 and Rox matched it – making $2000 for the cause in about 10 minutes! In total, the Pink Ribbon Riders event raised over $50,000 at the Minnesota ride this year for breast cancer patients. Way to go everyone!!

After the Pink Ribbon Ride, we really didn’t have any more events to attend, so it was game on to ride as much as we could! We also kept close tabs on the ISOC racing through the year. In mid February, we went up to Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior for some great snowmobiling. We stayed at Crooked Lake Resort. The first day we showed up they got 14 inches of snow. We still had 3 more days of riding!! Talk about a fun ride full of solid powder all weekend! We met some great folks while up there as well. Thanks Troy, Jeremy, Eric, and Corey for showing our bunch around. I’m still laughing over the bet I was faced with from Jeremy. Thanks for the laughs there! Riding all the way through March has been fairly good. We did have one thaw that melted a bunch of our snow and made the trails a bit icy. A couple more snows made them good again until the last weekend in March where another thaw melted more snow.

Here we are April 1st and the snow is flying! We are supposed to get a total of 6 inches. We’ll see what happens…I wonder if we will be riding almost into May again…Winter will be coming to an end, but that only leads to more adventures on different machines!! Around the shop, we are switching gears to ATV and bike talk. Most of our time has been spent developing some great new parts and checking out what’s going on at the GNCC nationals. Check out our new products and future new products. If you have any questions or comments, give us a call or shoot us an email. Have fun, ride hard, and be safe!

Rox Speed FX®

7Th Annual Minnesota Pink Ribbon Ride March 20, 2014 10:07

The crew from Rox Speed FX attended and helped out at the 2013 7th annual Minnesota Pink Ribbon Ride. The Minnesota ride raised over $44,000 for breast cancer patients. Ryan Jensen of Rox Speed FX participated in the presentation of the “Minnesota Volunteer Appreciation award” presented in memory and honor of Rocky Cutsforth.

Task At Hand: Saving The Family Business May 20, 2013 10:23

Story by Tom Kaiser
Powersports Business

Three years after founder’s passing, Rox Speed FX is expanding

After Rocky Cutsforth, the 42-year-old founder of Rox Speed FX, passed away in an ATV accident in May 2010, his family faced a difficult decision regarding the successful aftermarket business he had built throughout the previous decade. Rocky was the braintrust and namesake of Minnesota-based Rox Speed FX, and the family-run powersports company had earned a solid reputation for building high-quality steering risers for ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles, among other components.


With no second-in-command in the wings, Cutsforth’s wife, Lynn, shared a conversation she had with her late husband while working on their house a month before his passing. He told her that if something ever happened to him, his cousin and lifelong friend, Chris Olin, would be the guy to step in, learn the business and keep it going.

His recommendation was unfortunately prescient. In the days that followed, after carefully considering the offer with his family, Olin stepped into the role as president and immediately set out to learn the company’s products, personal relationships and the off-road business as a whole.

It’s been a sorrowful, hectic three years, but Rox Speed FX has grown quickly, post- ing 9 percent growth in the last year, on top of a 22-percent gain the previous year. As the company continues to look ahead, it is poised to sustain its aggressive growth trajectory and further strengthen the legacy started by its charismatic founder.

Building its niche

Moving beyond handlebar risers, which are the mainstay of the company’s product lineup, Rox Speed FX now offers a new range of Flex- Tec hand guards and running board traction kits, among other accessories, and is looking to add more part numbers to its roster in the coming years.

Currently, approximately 40 percent of its sales come from the snowmobile market, with 30 percent coming from adventure bikes, 25 percent from ATV and the remaining fraction from the street bike market.

A portion of the company’s growth has also come from snowmobile manufacturer partnerships for its handlebar risers at Polaris and Yamaha. With a new website, expanded head- quarters facility, a global distribution network and a mission to continue growing, Olin is looking to move Rox into the fast-growing side- by-side arena, as well as further expand within the adventure bike and street bike categories.

“We’re a specialty company, and I want to take us deeper into each of the motorsports markets,” Olin said. “One of my goals for this company is to have a broader lineup.”

When it comes to adding new products, Olin is taking a careful, measured approach that reflects the company’s slow but steady growth before he became its president.

“I want our name to be synonymous with stuff that makes sense and is high quality and has purpose,” he said. “I never want to be a company that makes stuff just to get a buck. I want to be a company that makes stuff that provides value and is the highest quality in the marketplace.”

A Difficult Job

Rox Speed FX has been on a roll, which is equally attributable to its successful product line and diligent work on the part of the family and its employees to manage the transition and implement its growth strategy.

It hasn’t been easy. A former manufacturing engineer at St. Cloud, Minn.-based Park Industries, Olin had to deal with the logistics of managing an international business, while also dealing with his own grief.

“There’s no preparation when a person is here one day and gone the next,” he said. “You basically step into a situation where you have to completely figure out where that person was with what they’re working on … who they are talking to [and] what was his thinking.”

Sitting at his cousin’s desk, looking at his pictures and being surrounded by his things made the first months particularly difficult, but Olin added that it wasn’t like anything faced by Cutsforth’s wife and two children.

Olin said his previous job — and several little things that happened along the way — prepared him to step in and take over. He added that the transition period was made easier thanks to the help of Cutsforth’s core group of friends who helped Olin quickly learn the basics of the business.

International Footprint

Distributed by Parts Unlimited, Western Power Sports and Marshall Distributing in the U.S., Kimpex in Canada, as well as distributors throughout Europe, Japan, Australia and South America, Rox Speed FX has become a multinational operation. Sales growth has been across the board, but the company sees its biggest opportunity in the adventure bike and dual sport markets throughout the world.

Expanding the company’s media outreach, Olin recently participated in an industry insider’s motorcycle ride with Rider magazine through South America’s Patagonia region. (Rider is a sister publication of Powersports Business.)

“We were in the middle of nowhere Patagonia, and a guy drove up on a [BMW] GS with the Rox risers on it, so that was pretty cool,” he said.

The company sells its products directly through its website, although its pricing is set up to encourage the bulk of its customers to go through its dealer and distribution network.

Following a healthy winter in the snowmobile industry, Rox Speed FX expects continued growth as the company expands its product offerings and international footprint.

As the company and its founding family marks the third anniversary of its Cutsforth’s passing, Olin said his team remains focused on continuing the legacy of his lifelong friend.

“I think everybody misses him,” he said. “He was a big part of everybody’s life, very smooth, quiet, assured [and] very confident.”

All Wheel Drive KTM 950 ADV “S” By Craig Johnson May 09, 2013 00:00

I think one of the coolest bikes we have come across here at Rox is the 2006 AWD KTM 950 ADV “S” built by Craig Johnson owner of CJ Designs. We shot over a request to Craig for some details on how his Rox Risers have been performing. He sent us these pictures along with his thoughts. You learn more about CJ Designs at and you can purchase a set of Rox Risers for your Adventure Bike by clicking here.

These are installed on my 2006 AWD KTM 950 ADV “S”. These were the first set of Rox risers I ever purchased and installed and after many miles of trail/road and even a few races they are still holding up great. And yes, they have been crashed tested. Passed, no problem. I’m not sure when I got them, but I think it was some time in 2006 after I got my NEW KTM 950 ADV “S”. They are the older 4 bolt design. I custom anodized them BLUE to go with my bike colors/setup at the time. I think I have about 125,000 miles on them at this time. They have been as far west as Kodiak Island, AK. North to the Arctic Ocean, South to Mexico City, Mexico. As far East as Labrador City, Labrador Canada and St Johns, New Foundland. Up Pikes Peak to 14,000+ feet and down to the Oceans on both North American coasts. They have lived a good life. They are a great product and even though my bike has gone through many changes, these have never left the bike. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Craig

Pink Ribbon Riders April 20, 2013 10:02

Rox Speed FX, Inc has been a longtime supporter of Pink Ribbon Riders, a non-profit organization that raises awareness for breast cancer and provides help for those dealing with the disease. Last year, we added a very cool long sleeved black T-shirt to our ladies apparel line specifically to promote Pink Ribbon Riders. For each shirt sold, $5 goes to the organization to help their cause. Buy your shirt today and help us help them! For more information on PRR, go to Shirts can be purchased online at