7/8" Snowmobile Adapter Tube

7/8" Snowmobile Adapter Tube

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  • Allows you to install Rox Height Adjustable Risers on sleds with “Flat-Plate” bar style setup
  • Size: 7/8" Diameter x 6" Long
  • Knurled adapter tube is clamped in the OEM handlebar clamps, allowing you to clamp Rox Height Adjustable Risers or Fixed Risers to portion of tube that is sticking out beyond original clamps.
  • The bars you are clamping must be STRAIGHT bars or have a clamping area 2" wider than your original clamps.

*Note: Most OEM bars with a bend or rise in them bend up as soon as they exit the original clamps. Rox Height Adjustable Risers can not be clamped on this bend. More questions? Please call us at 218-326-1794

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